Custom Foam Grips

Custom Foam Grips

Thirty years of experience helps us create your custom foam grip with expertise and innovation.  Our large selection of stock tooling allows us to have minimal tooling charges.  Grab On’s staff will gladly work with you to create a foam hand grip that is exactly the right shape, texture, density, and color for your project. Adding soft grip handles to your product is one of the best investments you can make.

Information Needed for a Custom Grip

Before going to the request for quote page you should have answers for the following questions (or simply call us and we will walk you through the process).

  1. Diameter:  First, what are you going to put the hand grip on?  Measure the outer diameter.
  2. Length: How long does the foam grip need to be?  Grab On can make foam hand grips up to 28 inches long. In special cases, we can even make them up to 60 inches.
  3. Shape: Do you want a custom contour or tubular shape?  Our standard advice is that unless you need a custom contour, stay with the standard tubular shape.
  4. Wall Thickness: What about wall thickness?  A good place to start for most grips is 1/4th inch.
  5. Material: Will this foam grip be mainly used inside or outdoors? Will it get heavy or medium use?  Are there special temperature requirements?
  6. Quantity: What is the estimated quantity you will need?
  7. Color: If a color is desired other than black take into consideration that the order needs to total at least 2450 feet.  If you have access to a Pantone Matching System get the number of the desired color.
  8. User Specifications:  Either enter the data on the Request for Quote page, or call 1-800-847-2266.

Where Foam Handle Grips Are Used

  • Aircraft grips
  • ATV grips
  • Bicycle grips
  • Brake lever grips
  • Broom grips
  • Garden tool grips
  • Go cart grips
  • Golf grips
  • Gearshift grips
  • Hammer grips
  • Hand truck grips
  • Harley grips
  • Hedge shear grips
  • Hockey grips
  • Kite handle grips
  • Lanyard grips
  • Lawn and garden grips
  • Lawn mower grips
  • Lever grips
  • Luggage grips
  • Mop grips
  • Brush grips
  • Cane grips
  • Chainsaw grips
  • Control grips
  • Cutlery grips
  • Motorcycle grips
  • Nut driver grips
  • Mountain Bike grips
  • Pen grips
  • Pencil grips
  • Physical therapy grips
  • Grips for pliers
  • Power equipment grips
  • Putter grips
  • Racquetball grips
  • Rake grips
  • Razor grips
  • Rototiller grips
  • Scooter grips
  • Screwdriver grips
  • Shovel grips
  • Drilling eqpt. grips
  • Drumstick grips
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fishing rod grips
  • Flag handle grips
  • Skip Rope grips
  • Ski tow grips
  • Snowmobile grips
  • Sporting goods grips
  • String trimmer grips
  • Tennis grips
  • Treadmill grips
  • Tool grips
  • Toothbrush grips
  • Ultralight grips
  • Umbrella grips
  • Walker grips
  • Watercraft grips
  • Wheelbarrow grips
  • Wheelchair grips

Custom Foam Tubing is also used as Padding for: