Foam Tubing Materials We Work With

Grab On uses some of the finest closed cell foam tubing, also referred to as sponge tubing.  All of the rubber compounds that we work with are synthetic and latex free.  Heavy metals are also not used in our foam tubes.  Each material listed below can be special ordered in a variety of sizes, density and colors.  We also have many in stock sizes for immediate shipment. (See Foam Tubing.) These foam rubber materials can be purchased in tubular form in virtually any length or made into grip or pad.

NPVC also known as NBR or Nitrile is our best selling foam tubing.  Many of our In-Stock padded grips are made from Nitrile rubber.  This is an all round great performing material and economically priced.  Nitrile rubber is resistant to oils and fuels with good abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. This is a very stable organic compound where the functional unit is a Carbon atom bonded to a Nitrogen atom with a triple bond.  Typically what causes rubber to break down is ozone.  In our NPVC foam, antidegradants are used to improve the resistance to the effects of ozone and UV light.  NPVC has good resistance to compression set, the temperature range of this foam is
–20F to +220F.

EPDM foam is another popular material we work with.  The tactile feel is exceptional and it has a high resistance to ozone and UV rays.  Foam tubes made from  EPDM exhibit superior resistance to severe weather conditions.  This foam has excellent electrical resistance and a relatively large temperature range going from –65F to +250F.

Neoprene sponge tubing is a specialty material which is not commonly used.  It is best known for it’s resistance to gas, oil and other petroleum based products.  Neoprene has very good abrasion resistance and electrical resistance.  The operating temperature range is –40F to +220F.

Silicone is the most expensive of all foam tubes.  However, if a high upper temperature range is required this may be the material for you.  Instruments coated with this type of foam can be sterilized in an autoclave.  Silicone foam is great for food or medical applications because it is oderless and tasteless.  Temperature range. –103F to +450F.

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