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For a quote on a grip with a textured surface complete only questions 1-5.
For a quote on Foam Tubing or parts not milled skip to question 6. Note: Please select either textured or smooth surface.

Grip with a Textured Surface

1. Diameter of object the grip will go on:
2. How do you want it to fit?
3. Length:
4. Wall thickness:
5. Choose a shape:
For Custom Shape or Colors, call 1-800-847-2266.

Foam Tubing and Parts Not Milled:

6. Tubing inner diameter:
7. Length:
8. Wall thickness
(Our standard thickness is .300 inch.)
9. If cut parts, quantity:
For materials other than Nitrile Foam Rubber, call 1-800-847-2266.
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