Over 30 years of experience designing foam grips

Fast Service: One of the benefits of selecting a foam grip from our stock handle grips is the quick turnaround.  These foam hand grips normally ship within 24 hours. 

Low Purchase Quantity: Another benefit of using these foam grips is the low purchase quantities. With amounts starting at only 100 parts you can purchase them on a just in time basis.

Foam Shapes to Your Hand: Unlike hard fixed grips, a foam handle grip fits and conforms to the shape of every hand. 

Light Weight: Another advantage to some industries is the weight savings that comes with foam grips. Like carbon fiber they are light yet durable.

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How to select the correct grip size

First measure the object that you are going to use the foam grip on

If for example, it is a 3/4” bar and you want it to fit tight, look down the chart of sizes available and select a handle grip one size smaller. In this case a 5/8” grip would fit great, because foam stretches and it is the stretch that holds the grip on tight. To figure the overall diameter of the foam grip, multiply the wall thickness times two, (since there are two walls in a foam tube) and add to this the I.D. or inner diameter.

Also, note that sizes are averages of what the foam runs. Since the foam manufacturing process is much like baking a cake, the amount of rise depends on several factors so variations in size will occur.

All the styles below are grips that are open at both ends. For quality end caps, please call our sales department at (800) 847-2266.

Price reflects cost per 100

To place an order, call us at (800) 847-2266

Or use the form below to request more information about availability and lead time for in stock foam grips.