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Bicycle Grips: Maximum Comfort Line

Starting with an extruded foam tube these hand grips are milled to exacting standards and guaranteed to your satisfaction. Made from long lasting closed cell foam.

Maxi Kit


 Exceptionally comfortable our best selling bicycle handlebar grips.  These touring grips are made from high density long lasting EPDM foam.  Perfected over the last 35 years these grips are the standard in long  distance bicycle grips. 

Comfort Deluxe


An economical grip designed for road bikes with drop bars. These grips  are made from a softer less dense Nitrile foam material with additives  for better weathering properties. 



Our best selling mountain bike grip. A very rugged yet comfortable grip  that is the choice of daily commuters and off road enthusiasts.



Ergonomically designed with a hexagonal shape for superior fit to the  hand. A very tough grip made of high density EPDM for long life and  positive control. 

Leisure Sport


The Leisure Sport handle grips are designed for riders who want a great  feeling soft grip. The extra cushion provides excellent comfort.