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Motorcycle Grips: Classic Line

Our very best motorcycle grips are included in the Classic Line. Starting with an extruded foam tube these hand grips are milled to exacting standards and guaranteed to your satisfaction. Made from long lasting closed cell foam.

Deluxe Road


Our best touring grip. Tough, long lasting exceptionally comfortable handlebar grips. Designed with chrome ends to enhance any touring bike. These grips carry a two year warranty.

Deluxe Road Sleeves


Same great quality foam as the original foam with the same great feel! No need to remove your grips when replacing the foam sleeves, simply slide these right over the chrome ends.

Classic ATV/Watercraft


Wet or dry these great foam grips are engineered for the hard charging rider who needs extra grip on their machine. Incredible performance and outstanding comfort.

Classic Road


The Classic Road grip is made from the best quality EPDM foam available. This tough long lasting foam material is durable in all weather, ozone and UV rays.

Classic Superbike


Classic Superbike grips are made from the same high quality EPDM foam tubing as the Classic Road. These tough foam grips dampen road vibration which cause the “tingles”.

Grab On Grip Covers


A new idea in grips. Turn your present grips into comfortable foam grips with a minimum of work. Simply slip these high quality EPDM foam sleeves onto the existing grips for a great feel.

Motorcycle Grips: Comfort Line

Our Comfort line has the same great warranty as our Classic line for the rider who is quality conscious, but economy minded. All of our Comfort grips are made from closed cell Nitrile foam. Typically what causes rubber to break down is ozone. In our NPVC foam, antidegradants are used to improve the resistance to the effects of ozone and UV light. This material has a pleasant feel that provides a positive and comfortable grip. We are so confident that you will like these grips that we unconditionally guarantee them to your satisfaction.

Comfort Road


These durable motorcycle grips provide just the right combination of comfort and control. Included in the package are two grips, endcaps, and an anti-friction throttle washer.

Comfort ATV Grips


Our best selling ATV grip. Made from closed cell foamed tubing these grips are tough and light weight at the same time. Included, two grips and endcaps.

Comfort Superbike Grips


The most important point of contact between you and your bike is the grip you choose. This grip is engineered to deliver great control while reducing vibration. Included, two grips, endcaps and anti-friction throttle washer.

Comfort Harley Grips


 Great performance at a great price. One Harley rider tested a pair of  grips like these on a ride around the parameter of the United States.  After returning, he told us that unlike other long rides with hard  grips, he didn’t have any trouble with his carpel tunnel syndrome using  the Grab On Grips. Included, two grips, endcaps and anti-friction  throttle washer.  

Motorcycle Grips: Johar Line

 Designed by Johar of California these grips have been tested and proven  over millions of road miles. Grab On acquired the Johar Line in 2006  from Hunt-Wilde. These foam grips carry a two year guarantee.  

Johar Signature Grips


This good looking design is made from sculptured black foam with chrome  endcaps. Exceptional performance comes from the vibration dampening  foam. The raised area in the center of the handle grip conforms to your  hand for a great feel. A recent improvement secures the endcaps and grip  to the handlebars in a stronger way. Made to fit 7/8 inch bars.  

Johar Cush Smooth 1


 Made of a tough Nitrile black closed cell foam. Designed a little larger  than a normal handgrip these grips feel great even for someone with  larger hands. Made for 7/8 inch bars. Our best selling ATV grip. Made from closed cell foamed tubing these grips are tough and light weight at the same time. Included, two grips and endcaps.

Johar Cush 1 Groove


Same material and design as Cush 1 Smooth, only with four grooves for a  more distinctive look and better grip. Made for 7/8 inch bars.

Johar Superbike Grip


Designed to maximize control and increase comfort by reducing vibration. Made from tough Nitrile foam tubing for 7/8 inch bars.